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Kiosk technology for the service lane that provides streamlined, self-led customer check-in and payment.

GoMoto creates comprehensive dealer-focused solutions that drive sales and provide customers captivating interactive technology in-store.

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GoMoto partners with Ford and Panasonic to offer the new 24/7 Smart Service Kiosk, automating the vehicle service process.

This industry-first all-in-one solution is designed for the outside environment and includes key drop-off, payment, and automatic key return.

Digitize the Service Drive

Our self-service solutions enhance engagement and increase customer satisfaction by reducing overall transaction time inside the dealership.

GoMoto's Virtual Service Advisor is progressive technology that provides straight-forward customer check-in and payment, digital transaction docs, equity mining, and recommended service upselling, with customized promotions and a branded user interface.

Why GoMoto?

Today’s customers are accustomed to self-service technology in all other retail verticals. GoMoto's turn-key solutions instantly transfrom any static enviroment into a progressive digital experience.

GoMoto bridges the technology gap for modern consumers inside the dealership. Our solutions are cloud-based, customizable and dynamically tailored to any dealership’s existing process, product and service offerings.


of personnel believe the service experience is more important than the repair itself.

2016 Market Research Study, Xtime


of customers state service experience influenced dealership repurchase decision.

2016 Maintenance and Repair, Cox


of consumers will ultimately spend more money for a better shopping experience.

2015 Car Buyer of the Future, Autotrader

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