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CDK Global is a pioneer when it comes to developing integrated technology for the Automotive Industry. With over 40 years experience and more than 30,000 retail client locations globally, the company’s team-focused solutions promote lasting relationships with customers, and accelerate parts and service departments.

Since the inception of our Virtual Service Advisor kiosk, GoMoto has had a long history with CDK as a third-party partner. In fact, all three of our pilot dealers were CDK client dealerships! Today, the partnership between CDK and GoMoto continues, as GoMoto is one of the first vendors, working hand-in-hand with CDK, to offer our mutual clients ‘Repair Order Open’ functionality using CDK’s brand new Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ platform.

The GoMoto Integration With CDk Global


GoMoto’s simple and straightforward digital interfaces communicate securely with CDK Global DMS. The combined solution affords customers a frictionless check-in, with bidirectional connectivity to real-time Customer, Appointment and Vehicle data.

The Benefits of GoMoto + CDK Global Integration

Streamlined backend operations from CDK, paired with GoMoto’s intuitive user interfaces, produce a modern automotive service experience. With customers transacting on CDK Global data independently using GoMoto kiosks, service writers and management are afforded a new level of efficiency, data-driven insight, and reporting. 90% of customers stated that they prefer a self-led check-in process, while dealers across the nation can attest to optimized transaction speed, improved CSI scores, and increased revenue from upsell and trade-in conversions, post deployment of GoMoto solutions with CDK Global DMS connectivity.


How GoMoto Operates with CDK Global

When GoMoto is integrated with CDK Global, customers enter and verify correct contact and vehicle details firsthand using our intuitive user interface. The kiosk provides customers independant check-in, so your team members can focus on more important customer service tasks. GoMoto’s turnkey kiosk solutions reduce dealership check-in times from over 15 minutes to under 2 minutes.

Customer With Appointment


Step 1:

A Customer enters their Last Name, Business Name, or Phone Number into the GoMoto Kiosk to lookup their appointment.


Step 2:

GoMoto produces matching Appointment results using CDK Global's APIs.


Step 3:

The customer confirms or updates their contact information, and updates their vehicle mileage.


Step 4:

GoMoto intelligently recommends add-on services that compliment the customer’s scheduled service.


Step 5:

The customer verifies requested service work, and signs with their finger on the screen. GoMoto dispatches the Appointment Update using CDK Global's Appointment interface. In the near future, GoMoto will open an RO (if a VIN is present) using the CDK’s Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™.

Walk-In Customer


Step 1:

Walk-in customers enter or confirm their contact and vehicle information to begin the check-in process.


Step 2:

GoMoto collects service appointment details and comments related to the customers visit.


Step 3:

GoMoto intelligently recommends add-on services that compliment the customer’s service requests.


Step 4:

The customer verifies requested service work by signing on-screen. All information will be transmitted to CDK Global DMS for both the customer and the vehicle; GoMoto automatically inserts the Appoinmtent, and in the future will open an RO (if a VIN is present) using the CDK’s brand new Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™.

Additional Features

GoMoto offers Indoor and Outdoor options with CDK Global integration, all solutions are designed to fit into any modern service operation.

Accurate, Up-to-Date Customer Information

  • Ensure your marketing database is always up-to-date, with customers directly updating or confirming contact and communication preference information using the kiosk

Repair Order Open (Coming Soon)

  • Save time and energy with Automatic Repair Order opening
  • 'RO Open' functionality will be provided by CDK Global's Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™

Autoprint ROs (Coming Soon)

  • Set ROs to Automatically Print, providing one less thing for staff to worry about
  • 'Auto Print RO' functionality will be provided by CDK Global's Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™

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