Dealerbuilt + GoMoto

Dealerbuilt’s all-in-one platform, the LightYear Dealer Management System, provides a comprehensive suite of sales and service tools for modern automotive operations. With over 20 years serving dealerships of all shapes and sizes, Dealerbuilt solutions facilitate processes and experiences that place customers at the center of every interaction.

When your dealership upgrades its in-dealership experience with GoMoto’s self-service kiosks, the customer remains in the driver's seat. Empowering customers with self-service technology frees your staff to spend time more efficiently, working with customers on meaningful issues that improve CSI scores, and increase your bottom line.

The GoMoto Integration With Dealerbuilt


GoMoto’s simple and straightforward digital interfaces communicate securely with Dealerbuilt’s LightYear DMS. The combined solution affords customers a frictionless check-in, with bidirectional connectivity to DMS data.

The Benefits of GoMoto + Dealerbuilt Integration

When GoMoto is integrated with Dealerbuilt, customers enter and verify correct contact and vehicle details firsthand. The kiosk provides customers independant check-in, so your team members can focus on more important customer service tasks. GoMoto’s turnkey kiosk solutions reduce dealership check-in times from over 15 minutes to under 2 minutes.


Additional GoMoto + Dealerbuilt Benefits:


Flexible, All-In-One Platform Designed to Provide a 360 Degree View of Customers


Encrypted Bidirectional Communication via the Dealerbuilt Application Programming Interface


Total Connection to Data, with a 95% Information Accuracy Rate


Maximized Upsell and Trade-In Opportunities

How GoMoto Operates with Dealerbuilt

GoMoto’s self-service kiosk technology offers two distinct paths for your customers. This allows for quick and easy check-in with increased operational efficiency. Since customers enter critical information directly, GoMoto kiosks make it easier than ever to maintain accurate customer data.

Customer With Appointment


Step 1:

A Customer enters their Last Name, Business Name, or Phone Number into the GoMoto Kiosk to lookup their appointment.


Step 2:

GoMoto produces matching Appointment results using Dealerbuilt's APIs.


Step 3:

The customer confirms or updates their contact information, and updates their vehicle mileage.


Step 4:

GoMoto intelligently recommends add-on services that compliment the customer’s scheduled service.


Step 5:

The customer verifies requested service work, and signs with their finger on the screen. GoMoto dispatches the Repair Order using Dealerbuilt's RO Open functions.

Walk-In Customer


Step 1:

Walk-in customers enter or confirm their contact and vehicle information to begin the check-in process.


Step 2:

GoMoto collects service appointment details and comments related to the customers visit.


Step 3:

GoMoto intelligently recommends add-on services that compliment the customer’s service requests.


Step 4:

The customer verifies requested service work by signing on-screen. All information will be transmitted to Dealerbuilt DMS for both the customer and the vehicle; GoMoto automatically opens an RO (if a VIN is present) or inserts a new Appointment using Dealerbuilt's Appointment API.

Additional Features

GoMoto offers Indoor and Outdoor options with Dealerbuilt integration, all solutions are designed to fit into any modern service operation.

Repair Order (RO) Open

  • Save time and energy with Automatic Repair Order opening
  • 'RO Open' can easily be switched On/Off using the GoMoto Admin panel

Real-Time Factory Recalls

  • Keep customers safe, and ensure compliance by presenting real-time factory recall notices

Holistic View of Customers

  • Backend reports from Dealerbuilt paired with GoMoto’s frontend customer interaction tracking produces powerful, data-derived business insight

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About Dealerbuilt DMS - Premier Provider of Dealer Management Systems for Automotive Retail

Dealerbuilt built its LightYear Dealer Management System to empower dealerships to design processes centered around the customer. Since its inception, Dealerbuilt’s LightYear DMS has grown to include Sales, Fixed Ops, Accounting, and Payroll features.

Dealerbuilt’s flexible, scalable, all-in-one platform is designed to provide a holistic view of customers, making it easy for dealership employees to identify opportunities to increase CSI.

Today, billions of dollars of service transactions go through the LightYear DMS. For more information about Dealerbuilt visit


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