Dealertrack + GoMoto

Dealertrack DMS is built upon “simple, connected processes, open integration, and intelligent technology” that's designed to transform business. The system’s intuitive interfaces reduce manual workflows and excessive paperwork, promoting speed and efficiency that results in increased revenue for parts and service departments.

GoMoto and Dealertrack align in ease-of-use, streamlined user experience, and the real-time nature of the systems. Both simplify interactions for your customers and staff–presenting critical data in a straightforward fashion, so users can transact and trigger powerful backend reporting and notification workflows.

The GoMoto Integration With Dealertrack


GoMoto connects to Dealertack via its Opentrack framework. GoMoto is one of 140+ third-party vendors Dealertrack provides secure, bidirectional integration. Dealertrack's connected platform allows dealers to avoid excessive integrations, fees, and maintenance, creating a supercharged one-stop solution that goes beyond a DMS, and serving as the backbone of modern service operations.

The Benefits of GoMoto + Dealertrack Integration

Consistent and informative backend management from the DMS, paired with key transactional data and analytics from the GoMoto frontend allows your managers and service writers to accurately gauge what’s happening to make data-centric decisions. Customized product, service and trade-in offers presented on the kiosk provide the average GoMoto dealer a 5%-7% uplift in revenue.


Additional GoMoto + Dealertrack Benefits:


Instant and Secure Data Transfer through the Opentrack Interface


Real-time reports and up-to-the-minute snapshots of your service lane


Total Connection to Data, with a 95% Information Accuracy Rate


Maximized Upsell and Trade-In Opportunities

How GoMoto Operates with Dealertrack

GoMoto’s self-service kiosk technology offers two distinct paths for your customers. Both paths increase your ability to convert sales by consistently presenting customers with intelligent product, service, upsell, and/or trade-in offers.

Customer With Appointment


Step 1:

A Customer enters their Last Name, Business Name, or Phone Number into the GoMoto Kiosk to lookup their appointment.


Step 2:

GoMoto produces matching Appointment results using Opentrack APIs.


Step 3:

The customer confirms or updates their contact information, and updates their vehicle mileage.


Step 4:

GoMoto intelligently recommends add-on services that compliment the customer’s scheduled service.


Step 5:

The customer verifies requested service work, and signs with their finger on the screen. GoMoto dispatches the Repair Order using Dealertrack's RO Open functions.

Walk-In Customer


Step 1:

Walk-in customers enter or confirm their contact and vehicle information to begin the check-in process.


Step 2:

GoMoto collects service appointment details and comments related to the customers visit.


Step 3:

GoMoto intelligently recommends add-on services that compliment the customer’s service requests.


Step 4:

The customer verifies requested service work by signing on-screen. All information will be transmitted to Dealertrack DMS for both the customer and the vehicle; GoMoto automatically opens an RO (if a VIN is present) or inserts a new Appointment using Opentrack's Appointment API.

Additional Features

GoMoto offers Indoor and Outdoor options with Dealertrack integration, all solutions are designed to fit into any modern service operation.

Repair Order (RO) Open

  • Save time and energy with Automatic Repair Order opening
  • 'RO Open' can easily be switched On/Off using the GoMoto Admin panel

Customizable Surveys

  • Configure custom survey questions to elicit instant feedback and gage customer satisfaction with your team and operations

Accurate, Up-to-Date Customer Information

  • Ensure your marketing database is always up-to-date, with customers directly updating or confirming contact and communication preference information using the kiosk

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Dealertrack DMS - Dealer Management System for Franchises and New Car Dealerships

The Dealertrack brand started in 2001 with the goal of developing innovative solutions that empower franchise dealerships. This outlook led to the creation of its industry leading DMS solution.

Dealertrack’s Dealership Management System allows dealers to make better choices based on customer insights and employee performance. With Dealertrack’s innovative software, dealerships have the technology they need to grow and scale their business, with powerful data to increase profits.

In 2015, Cox Automotive acquired Dealertrack for $4 billion. Their partnership continues to transform the automotive world through digital solutions. For more information about Dealertrack visit


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