The Service Lane Kiosk That Grows Your Business

The GoMoto Virtual Service Advisor Kiosk is designed to provide the experience that modern customers expect.

Our Self-Service Kiosk


GoMoto Virtual Service Advisor Kiosk

The Virtual Service Advisor provides customers a self-led service check-in to help lower wait times, speed up the process, and allow dealerships to capture additional profits.

Kiosk Specifications

  • 32” Touchscreen

  • QR / License Scanner

  • Durable Steel Construction

  • Ability to Check-in Using a Mobile Device


GoMoto 365 Kiosk

The 365 Kiosk provides a convenient key drop-off and pick-up process any time of day – or night.

Kiosk Specifications

  • Dual QR / License Scanners

  • Durable Steel Construction

  • Secure Key Deposit and Retrieval

  • Check-in and Retrieve Keys Using a Mobile Device

  • Weather Resistant Design

  • Anchors to Concrete for Security


GoMoto Express Service Kiosk

The Express Service Kiosk offers the best of both providing a self-led check-in and out process that includes key transfer.

Kiosk Specifications

  • 24” Touchscreen

  • QR / License Scanner

  • Durable Steel Construction

  • Secure Key Deposit and Retrieval

  • Ability to Check-in Using a Mobile Device

An Improved Customer Experience

Provide a seamless first touchpoint at your service lane that improves customer satisfaction and increases revenue.

Simple, Self-Led Check-In

Give your customers the option to handle the entire check-in process themselves and ability to do it all using a mobile device- from appointment scheduling through final confirmation- in over 2 minutes.


Intelligent Touchpoints

Create customizable interfaces to consistently offer targeted upsell opportunities, factory recalls, and trade appraisals.

Designed For Any Service Lane

Choose from any kiosk in our product line to fit within your existing service lane operations.


Connected With Your Current Operations

GoMoto is more than a Kiosk, it’s a fully integrated software solution for your service lane operations.

Your Service Lane, Visualized

Collect valuable service lane insights in an automated dashboard for intelligent analysis and data-driven decision making.


GoMoto seamlessly integrates with the most popular DMS systems in the market today.


“Not only has GoMoto reduced customer wait time, it’s eliminated all the wasted time advisors spent having personal conversations with customers instead of upselling. Very rarely do we have customers waiting around or sitting at an advisor’s desk anymore. We’re making more money because the advisors have more time and can focus on the tasks that make us the most profitable.”

- Fred Hayes, Service Manager, Temecula Valley Buick GMC

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