Collect Information, Accurately

Keeping your customer information up-to-date is difficult. This means your dealership is often missing out on key opportunities to serve the best possible customer experience or sell at the perfect moment. GoMoto solves this problem by making customer information collection a simplified and accurate piece of the check-in process.


GoMoto dealerships see an average 30% increase in email collection and the average GoMoto store has a 95% information collection accuracy rate.

How GoMoto Improves Customer Information Collection


Consistent Check-in Experiences

Collect correct customer information at every check-in.

GoMoto’s software minimizes human error and eliminates illegible information. All customer information - including contact information - can be counted on to be accurately collected. This information includes: Phone Number, Email Address, Contact Preference, and More!


Intelligent Customer Follow-Ups

GoMoto allows dealerships to make smarter decisions when it comes to interacting with their customers.

With an increased quantity and quality of customer data, GoMoto makes it easier to reach your customers with relevant upsells, building valuable customer relationships, improving Lifetime Customer Value and boosting CSI scores along the way.


Interested in learning more about how GoMoto can help improve Data Capture at your dealership?

High-quality data, collected from thousands of customers, leads to smarter dealership decisions.


GoMoto seamlessly integrates with the most popular DMS systems in the market today.


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