Maximize Your In-Store Trade Appraisals

The GoMoto kiosk allows dealerships to maximize trade appraisals. The software consistently presents every customer with an appraisal option. The customer is then provided an opportunity to submit a trade-in request and begin the process of trading in their vehicle at every check-in.


GoMoto increases dealership trade-in appraisal rate on average by 11%.

How GoMoto Maximizes Trade Appraisals


Instant Valuation Requests

Keep appraisals top of mind for your customers with equity information at every check-in.

GoMoto makes appraisal requests simple for your service lane customers by offering them at every check-in. This leads to more trade-ins overall for your dealership, maximizing used car profitability through the service to sales opportunities. Arm your customers with the information they need to begin the trade-in process.


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"100% of customers always receive the same greeting, are always presented upsells, and are always offered trade-in appraisals."

- Tim Palms, General Manager, BMW of Honolulu


GoMoto seamlessly integrates with the most popular DMS systems in the market today.


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