Provide Intelligent Pre-MPI Upsell Opportunities

GoMoto's kiosk consistently presents upsell options upon customer check-in. Our software makes it easy to suggest intelligent options that are proven to sell during the check-in process. This ensures that best-in-class processes are followed every time, not just on your staff’s good days.


Dealers with GoMoto see their customer upsell selections translate to an average of $60+ dollars in addition to services added per RO.

How GoMoto Improves Service Lane Upselling


Targeted Service Add-Ons

Present customers with the perfect upsell, at the perfect time.

Using our database of historical customer and industry data, GoMoto allows dealerships to present recommended services add-ons that resonate with your customers at the perfect moment. Just make sure your service department is well stocked in oil!


Dealership Accessories

Increase your revenue driving opportunities during every customer interaction.

GoMoto’s software is easily customizable, allowing our dealers to add up to three custom accessories for customer presentation. Finally, there is an effective method for proposing nitrogren tire fills, paint protection, and premium floor mats.


Want to learn more about how GoMoto can increase Upsell opportunities at your dealership?

An average GoMoto dealership will see a customer select an upsell opportunity 20% of the time.


GoMoto seamlessly integrates with the most popular DMS systems in the market today.


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